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Enomundus for Ho.Re.Ca

The main objective of our association

is to help restaurant operators to better sell and manage their restaurant's cellar.

We make our experience available

through training and marketing to give you quick and concrete results.

Selling wine within the Ho.Re.Ca channel requires preparation and commitment, if we consider the statistics which attest that wine represents at least 35% of the total bill of a lunch/dinner in a restaurant, the question becomes fundamental for the good economic performance and reputation of a place.

If your establishment has a cellar with a vast selection of wines, the training and consequent ability of the staff to correctly propose and sell the wines is more than necessary.

This is fixed capital, which in the case of most white wines and bubbles is a great risk of deterioration of the product.

What we offer?

3 hours of free training for dining room staff: how to propose and sell a wine during service.

Food/wine pairing strictly connected to the gastronomic offer of your venue.

Wine list: graphics and proposal

national/international depending on the type of venue and target customers.

Wide choice of foreign wines with excellent quality/price ratio. In the case of inclusion, monthly plan for achieving objectives and follow-up progress.

Event with our associates for presentation

new additions and food/wine pairing

Exclusive meeting with our foreign producers

and preview tasting of new foreign wines

at Enomundus third edition - March 2024

Marketing operations with ADS campaigns on our social profiles and an article on

our blog.

Possibility, as an extra service, of an article on the major food and wine platforms

managed by our press office.


All this for us is wine culture!

Fill out the form to become our member and live this exciting experience together!

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